This iron vessel was originally built as the screw steamer
for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique of Paris , transporting  mail and passengers
between Harve, France & New York.
After 22 years in this service, she was sold in 1888 and converted into a four masted ship.
The boilers and engines were removed and she was renamed the
As a converted steamship she sailed faster than she steamed!!!
This was one of the fastest ships under sail that ever came out of a British Shipyard.
One entry recorded in her log book was an average of 18 knots for 72 running hours on
a passage from New York to Melbourne, and was known to have logged 22-23 knots
on more than one occasion.
The Lancing left New York February 2nd, 1916, passed through the Pentland Firth 15 days out,
and arrived in Aarbus, Jutland, in 23 days.
Left Quebec November 10th, 1916, arrived Glasgow, Scotland, November 24th-14 days/2730 miles.
On december 15th, 1918, she left New Orleans for Queenstown, Ireland, arriving January12th, 1919-27 days.
After a long life of sixty years, from 1865 to 1925, the Lancing was towed to Genoa to be broken
up for scrap.  She retained her +100A1 in Lloyds, to the very end of her career.

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