A very historic photographic print of the famous Cunard Vessel
Proceeding down the Clyde River from the ship builder's yard,
John Brown & Company, Clydebank, Scotland 1907
The photo was courtesy of the Engineer, London.
The above print was believed to sold in the ship's gift shop,
and  handed out as gifts to those aboard the maiden voyage.

The Lusitania was the largest, fastest, and considered by most to
be the safest vessel in the world.
Built by John Brown & Co, Clydebank, Scotland, for Cunard Line.
Having a gross weight of 31,550 tons, 787' long, 87' wide, with a
quadruple screw driven by steam turbines, with a service speed of 25 knots.
She could carry 2,165 passengers, 563 first, 464 second, and 1,139 third class.

On May 15th, 1915, she was torpedoed by a German U-20 Submarine, suspected
of carrying arms,  and aid to Europe.
The 30 ton vessel sank in only 18 minutes.
Of the 1,924 soles aboard, 1,198 lost there lives including
128 Americans.
The sinking aroused great anger in the United States and contributed
to the decision of President Woodrow Wilson for the U.S. entry
into World War I.

A fully framed custom print, 20" L x 16" H, in a very
nice black and gold frame, double matted, under glass.


A very rare 1907 Vintage photographic print of the famous ship
at the Cunard Pier,  New York City September 13th, 1907
arriving on its maiden voyage.
Similar photos can be viewed in the publication
"The Lusitania"
by Mark D Warren, reprinted in 1986 from a rare 1907  publication
of the magazine "ENGINEERING", the most comprehensive
published record of the Lusitania's construction , and maiden voyage.
A very historic print, and quite a hard find !!!
Fully framed in a wooden gold leaf frame, matted under glass.
25 1/4" W x 27"H

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